BERD Resource by Statistical Package: M+

Updated at 8:05 am on 23SEP2022

Type of Resource Title URL Description - Provide helpful comments about this resource Keywords - separate by semicolons Programming knowledge required (1=none to 6 professional programmer) Statistical knowledge level required (1=none, 4=masters level 6=PhD level) Is there a cost associated with this resource StatPackage
Website UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education Lots of resources like software (SAS, R, STATA, SPSS, M+), data analysis examples, codes and output, SAS macros, how to choose correct statistical tests, etc. SAS; R; STATA; SPSS; M+; data analysis examples; SAS code; SAS macros; choose correct statistical tests 4 4 No SAS, SPSS, R, M+,
Website UCLA Institute for Digital Research & Education Data Analysis Examples This page contains links to examples illustrating the application of different statistical analysis techniques using different statistical packages. regression models; count models; censored and truncated regression; multivariate analysis; mixed effect models; power analysis 3 4 No SAS, SPSS, R, M+,
Book Multilevel Analysis: An Introduction to Basic and Advanced Multilevel Modeling Introduction to multilevel analysis, topics include hierarchical linear model, random coefficients models, how to calculate ICC, how much does a model explain, etc. multilevel analysis; hierarchical linear model; random coefficients models; intra-class correlation coefficient; 4 5 Yes SAS, SPSS, R, M+,
Software to Download G*Power G*Power is a tool to compute statistical power analyses for many different t tests, F tests, chi-sq tests, z tests and some exact tests. G*Power can also be used to compute effect sizes and to display graphically the results of power analyses. power;sample size;software 2 4 No Any, SAS, SPSS, R,