Biostatistics Seminar Series Spring 2015

Time: Friday, 12:30–1:30 pm (unless otherwise noted)
Place: MSIBS Graduate Suite, 3rd Floor, Room 3307 in the Shriner's Building
January 9
Xiaofeng Zhu, Case Western Reserve University
Meta-analysis of Correlated Traits Using Summary Statistics from GWAS with an Application in Hypertension

February 13
Andrew Zhou, University of Washington

March 13
Nancy Flournoy, University of Missouri
Adaptive Treatment Allocation in Early Phase Clinical Trials

March 27 - POSTPONED
Phil Miller, Division of Biostatistics, Washington University

April 10
Kentaro Fukumoto, Visiting Fellow, Department of Political Science, Washington University

April 24
Feng Gao, Division of Biostatistics, Washington University
Predicting Binary Outcome Using Multivariate Longitudinal Data: Monitoring Disease Progression in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Primary Open-angle Glaucoma

For more information, send an email to chengjie at wubios dot wustl dot edu
Last updated: Tuesday, April 21, 2015