Global Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) Based on CDR Box Scores

Washington University Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center

This page allows the user to input CDR box scores and submit them to a SAS computer program which returns the global CDR based on the Washington University CDR-assignment algorithm. This page may be used by anyone.

Select the CDR Box Scores
00.5 1 2 3
Judgement and Problem Solving
Community Affairs
Home and Hobbies
Personal Care

Press to submit.

Press to reset all box scores.

Here are two tables showing the combinations of box scores that have been observed at the Washington University Medical School's Memory and Aging Project and the Memory Diagnostic Center, and the resulting global CDR. One table is sorted by descending frequency of the occurrence of the pattern of box scores. The other table is sorted by the pattern of box scores, with the Memory Box Score first. The tables are updated every Friday morning.

Washington University Knight Alzheimer Disease Research Center

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Contact Erich Schraer if the program does not run. Erich can get the program running again. HE DOES NOT/ CAN NOT/ WILL NOT answer questions about the CDR program or Alzheimer Disease.